1. Jethro De Wet's Avatar
    I'm having an issue with my SG-900H speaker. The loud speaker sounds blown. The phone is a few weeks old and it's been in water a few times. But like just under running water from a tap to show friends. I noticed tonight while watching YouTube videos. The speaker sounds somewhat fuzzy and vibrates a little bit. I took the back cover off and it sounds fine. Should I take it to samsung? I do have ADH on the phone. Any solutions?

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    03-03-2015 01:32 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Sorry, what is ADH? Accidental Damage something?

    You're saying the speaker sounds normal if the back panel is removed? If that's the case, then the speaker probably isn't blown. Maybe there's something associated with the back panel that's loose.
    03-03-2015 03:01 PM

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