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    ok, to create the issue, use email, to send a message to your phone device via it's text address.

    I notice that since it's coming in as a text, if there's no phone number, the phone just gives it a sequencial 10 digit set of numbers.. and from the message index, it shows up like this:

    FRM: John Doe 6:47pm
    FRM: John Doe 6:45pm
    FRM: Tom Smith 6:40pm
    Bill Adams
    servers have gone down.. 8:45AM

    If you open the message, it shows those sequencial numbers as the phone number. The phone does not loot at the "From/FRM" ..

    The problem is I cant lock the sender in as a contact.. and thus control the alerts.

    it would also mean it's hard for people to block those messages (without going thru their providers).

    So I'm trying to find out which app is assigning these sequencial numbers? the android OS? the contact app? the text message app? or the phone service provider?

    Just seems that we have to know this, to start making or creating a fix.
    03-06-2015 11:23 PM

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