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    I own a LG G3 which I like to mount in my semi-old Chev Malibu but the latter does not come with a Bluetooth stereo system, just a standard aux in. I love to listen to music in my car but connecting aux through a 3.5mm male to male has been bothering me as I lose ability to control music from my dashboard as well as no hands free calling.
    I am looking into options to work around this. One set-up that seems viable is getting an A2DP Bluetooth Aux adapter which can stream music and calls from my phone to the car stereo. Now, these come in 2 options overall- one with music control buttons on the adapter itself (usually has 2 wires and requires plug in for power at all times) ex- iClever Himbox HB01 and the other with no control buttons except a multi-function button that might be used to receive calls and play/pause music if I am lucky in terms of compatibility ex- GoGroove SMARTmini AUX
    I have also become interested in getting a new smart watch and the newly announced Pebble Time has peeked my interest. I am wondering if it would be possible to have my phone connected to the Pebble watch and the Bluetooth A2DP Aux adapter at the same time so I can control music and take calls using the watch buttons while the audio is streamed through my car stereo.
    Just to add on, if instead of a Pebble, a bluetooth button control such as iSimple BluClik is used, would the above use still be achieved?
    Any other tips for a better in-car music/cell phone use set-up would be appreciated as well.
    03-10-2015 08:09 PM

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