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    I had a Sprint GN2 and now have the Sprint GN4. Thus I have always had Touch-Wiz and it's what I am used to. Coming from such a perspective, I have nothing to compare to Touch-Wiz so I don't mind it.

    Why so much hate? Is it the bloatware only? I, likewise, hate the Samsung Apps, Sprint Apps and anything that cannot be deleted to free up space so if that is the biggest issue 'I feel ya'. Also, I just learned that the GN2 (Menu and Back) and GN4 (Recent and Back) keys are swapped compared to other devices but what are some specific issues that are hated?

    Additionally, please suggest your favorite FREE launcher that you feel gives the best experience that will run on a GN4 (lollipop) so that I can compare it in order that I can truly see the difference between that launcher and Touch-Wiz . Now, I am willing to pay for a truly superior launcher but it can only be justified if Touch-Wiz can truly be so deficient that almost ANY other launcher is superior.

    I know that there must be some real issues but I also wholeheartedly feel that there are a ton of people just riding the hate-Touch-Wiz Bandwagon in order to make them seem authoritative on a subject. There is more complaining about Touch-Wiz than there are DETAILS as to what is hated.

    Did I type "Touch-Wiz" enough times yet? Sorry.

    EDIT: I just found a similar thread but there was this comment:
    " Since you already have the Note 3, I don't understand the point of this question." There is a point, I have no reason to try another launcher yet, but if it's proved superior (and I get details as to what to look for) then I know to get another launcher. So far I don't see much difference but have an open mind

    Can we get a running list starting with detailed specific issues? If you say 'clunky' then define clunky


    How about a list of Forum Topics that are HEAVILY Touch-Wiz issue-related?



    03-11-2015 09:58 PM
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    I don't have the Note series. The last TW phone I had was a GS3. But this is my take on TW:

    1. It's heavy. The bloatware, the extra features, etc, all take a toll on how much space the OS takes. The GS3 was pretty bad, and the S4 was even worse. As I recall, the S3 OS was about 5.xGB (in contrast, Vanilla Android on a Nexus is ~3.5GB). Not such a big issue if you had 32GB or better, but on a 16 GB device, that isn't wonderful.

    2. It's a memory hog. Because of so many things going on behind the curtains in TW, there can be some lag/stutter. Happened every now and then on my S3. Nothing notably bad, but it was there. Now, my perception is rather dated; I have seen numerous posts from almost as many users saying that the lag is hardly there anymore.

    Those 2 things sum it up for me. I'm not too big on the aesthetics of the icons, but that is somewhat petty, and doesn't really merit a point of argument. That, and sooner or later, you get used to how something looks.

    As for free launchers, I love Nova. There is a free and a paid version. The paid version offers some more customizations and that is about it. Now, when changing to Nova, there will be a few widgets that can't be used because they are signed to the TW launcher.

    Hopefully, that helps a little.
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    03-11-2015 10:38 PM
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    I think Golfdriver pretty much got it. But one thing to note (no pun intended) is that a lot of the hate comes from people who used to have a Samsung device and have now moved to something else. TW still takes up quite a bit of space, but the lag and memory issue is gone for the most part in the last gen of Samsung flagships. And I think their Lollipop skin is an improvement over their KK and JB one (those looked like something from Gingerbread). The S6 is supposed to minimize the bloat as well
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    03-11-2015 10:47 PM

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