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    When the internal storage on ZTE Majesty (Z796C, StraightTalk phone, yes i know it's dung) "filled up" a last fall, the best answer I could find was that the Daalvik cache was full. I read that the only solution was to obtain root or put the phone into a diagnostic boot mode, neither of which I was willing to do at the time.

    Last weekend, a friend told me he had similar problems with a different model phone, until he connected it to a Linux box via the USB cable and found Trash folders for both the internal and external storage, which he cleared. Is it common for their to be hidden Trash folders on the phone like on media player storage, or is my friend's phone unique? (if so, I can stop looking) . Maybe he meant /cache . In Settings->Connect to PC, I have the phone set to MTP Media Device. I'm assuming "Install Driver" is only for Windows, and my Linux (Debian Wheezy) ought to have drivers. Still, neither the phones internal or external storage show up mounted or unmounted as devices under "df" or "fdisk -l" or GParted. Are there any quick fixes to clearing the cache?
    03-27-2015 07:20 PM

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