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    Losing the plot at the moment with my I9505 - the phone will not go to sleep, it is in a constant wake up loop.

    That is to say, when the screen times out, the phone reverts to the lock screen and then blanks. However, within a second, the screen wakes up again. This process will keep on happening ad infinitum.

    The only thing which I can do to stop this, is disable the option 'Home Button will Wake Your Device' (I'm running CM11).

    Not only this, some other funny things happen when I'm on a call. As the proximity sensor detects my face when I move the phone close, the screen turns off, then on again however now on the home screen. It's as if the home button is constantly causing problems.

    Both of these situations lead me to believe there is something wrong with the home button itself. I have done a full factory reset, with stock ROM, CM11 and CM12, however the problem persists. I have also tried getting my air compressor out and blowing air into all the ports and grills, but to no avail.

    If anyone has any ideas on what this might be, or how to solve it, I'd appreciate your help.

    I forgot to mention - this problem has happened before, however it mysteriously went back to normal a couple of days after. Now it has started again but hasn't disappeared. Both times I noticed it starting, the phone had been in my pocket for a while.
    04-13-2015 12:04 PM

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