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    So my Samsung gs5 keyboard was doing some lagging and i googled what might help it. One of the things was to clear the cache and the data. so i did, everything seemed fine until i noticed that my predictive text bar and correction bar was gone. i started to google what to do for that and nothing seemed to be like my problem. people suggested 3rd party key boards but i like my key board and dont want to learn a new key board. it was also suggest to do a factory reset on my phone. I mean, there has to be another way. I dont want to download all of my apps again and resign in to all of them again when i jsut upgraded from the s4 to the s5 and had to do that not even a month ago. please help!!!! predictive text/correction bar helps me so much.

    It also seems that when i type in a word it will auto correct it to a word i previously used with the same beginning letter. I.e. good changed to gs5. keep changed to keyboard...

    Any help please and thank you so much!
    04-15-2015 12:36 AM

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