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    So I rooted my phone a while ago and one day I noticed my google play store disappeared. So I went searching for a way to solve my problem (also, if I downloaded the google play store apk it didn't work as well as opening YouTube didn't work. My phone kept saying that my phone isn't compatible with google play services (even though it was a few days before). And so I found (or so I thought) a way to fix the problem by changing my android version.

    Now I had to install CWM recovery on my phone, but guess what? Yes, I forgot. So I followed the steps and everything went fine, untill the moment I had to reboot my phone. After rebooting my phone it just froze, I tried everything. Going into safe mode didn't work, every single option in recoverymode didn't work and much more I found on the internet. I also tried (or actually, am trying) to reinstall the software, but my phone just won't connect to Kies, it connects to my PC but connecting to kies doesn't work, it just keeps giving an error. Please help me.

    *Phone: Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus
    *Model: GT-S7580
    04-19-2015 04:07 AM

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