1. AC Question's Avatar
    Hey everybody, I got Lollipop on my AT&T S5 and absolutely HATE it. I tried to downgrade using the AT&T S5 4.4.2 firmware from SamMobile, Odin kept saying it failed to install. Yes I have reactivation lock off, and I know that I'm doing everything right. Other AT&T S5 users had the same problem with the SamMobile AT&T S5 4.4.2 firmware, so I was thinking about getting the firmware from elsewhere... But I don't know how trustworthy samsung-updates.com is. I want a stock KitKat firmware for my S5, unmodified, as if Samsung officially released it. Would you trust samsung-updates?


    04-21-2015 09:37 PM
  2. Paul627g's Avatar
    I know SamMobile has a good reputation for clean, unmodified files. Not familiar with that site in particular but then again I've been out of the Samsung scene for awhile too..
    04-22-2015 08:55 AM

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