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    Normally when I'm using chrome on my phone (galaxy s duos 2), I'm brought to the homepage first, and I type something into the search bar and it's all fine, but now when I do that the search bar and the URL bar are separate (beforehand, I could put a url in or just search something, and they'd be in the same bar at the top of the screen). Now the url is displayed in that bar, and underneath it beside the google sign there's a search bar like on the computer where they're both separate. I'm not sure if I've explained that clearly. It also used to just search with google.com but now it searches with google.pk (it searched with google.com automatically while I was still in the same area) and the searches aren't really relevant to me, since I'm in the location but I don't speak the language or anything. I want to get it back to the way it was before because this new way just really bothers me.
    04-24-2015 02:14 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Which homepage are you talking about? The main Google.com search page?

    You're right, what you're describing is a bit confusing. But in general, I just input everything into the URL bar, whether it's a URL or a search item. Chrome will figure out what to do.

    For the search engine, open Chrome, tap Menu>Settings>Search Engine, and make sure it's set to Google.com (if available).
    04-24-2015 12:30 PM

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