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    I'm starting to develop a device, but I'm still new to the Android and don't know if it is possible to power it through the MicroUSB. I have measured the voltage of the MicroUSB pins, but just to find out that there was no signal there. So is it possible to do this? If so, do I need to enable it through the software or is there some other easier way?
    04-27-2015 07:43 PM
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    Short pins 4 and 5, and you should find power on pins 1 (+) and 4/5 (-). That's how OTG works - the direction of the power pins is reversed (which is why you can't charge the phone when using OTG). It also converts the phone to USB host mode, so if you need the phone to be running data normally, and to be outputting power, you can't do it. If your device is like a mouse, keyboard or memory stick, it'll work.
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    04-28-2015 12:53 AM

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