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    Heres what I did:
    Installed towelroot, root checker and purchased super su pro by chainfire...after futzing around with towelroot and reading a few support articles on various sites, I finally got it all to work to root my note 3..... then I got rid of touchwiz ( the only real reason I wanted to root to begin with) and a few other pesky apps i didn't want.
    So... Im all kinds of happy because I didn't ever have to see that stupid touchwiz thingy again and next thing I know I cant even get a restart..... the samsung logo flashes, does its thing and it freezes at the att earth. The spinning logo stops mid spin and I can't even turn device off.... i have to take the battery out!!! So then I come on here and everything I see that I might be able to try to fix it requires it to boot ... HELP! Pretty pretty please... im in over my head! Oh! and BTW I tried hooking it to my laptop with data cord and the puter does not recognize it.... however, when I take the battery out and start over, as soon as it turns on, I get a notification ding that I have data connection... wierd!
    05-04-2015 02:30 AM

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