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    Ok so recently I went to look at my pictures and I noticed there is all these corrupted files and folders out of nowhere. At first I thought they were all my picture albums but as I scroll down for a while but my other albums are still there. I can literally scroll down super fast for like 1 minute till I reach the bottom of all these broken files. I noticed a lot of these look like games clip art but no games I have ever played except one but I had uninstalled it like a year ago I don't know why those files would show up now. I attached some pictures. It says the file The location is in my SD card but I can't find any files using androzip in the path it says. Help please to get rid of these files. Or where and how to place them where they belong. Thank you in advance if you can help

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    Attached Thumbnails gallery unknown folders/files-screenshot_2015-05-13-23-01-28.jpg   gallery unknown folders/files-screenshot_2015-05-13-23-02-21.jpg   gallery unknown folders/files-screenshot_2015-05-13-23-06-27.jpg  
    05-14-2015 02:09 AM
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    I have a Samsung galaxy s3 by the way

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    05-14-2015 02:13 AM

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