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    We are planing to purchase Android devices for developing and testing.

    We need devices with all densities like LDPI,MDPI,HDPI,XHDPI,XXHDPI in mobiles.

    As of now i have below information.If I was wrong or missed some thing please suggest me for perfect device.And suggest devices for missed Dpi's

    DPI ............ MOBILE

    LDPI .......... Samsung Galaxy Y

    MDPI ......... LG Optimus Net

    HDPI ......... Samsung S2

    XHDPI . .... Samsung S3 or Moto G

    XXHDPI.... Samsung S5

    In this list some are not available in market and some are out of budget.So,Please some suggest me for best mobiles. Thanks in advance.
    05-20-2015 12:39 AM

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