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    I had a Galaxy s3 and upgraded to an s5 a few months ago. Some of the music that was on my phone (instead of the SD card) didn't transfer. No big deal, I saved the "music" folder onto my laptop and then transferred those files to my new phone with a USB cord.

    Because I have a lot of music, it took me a couple of months to realize some songs are still missing. I turned on my old phone and they are still there, but in other folders besides "music". I cannot get some of them onto my new phone. All problems with bluetooth and S beam aside, I decided to again to just save the files to my laptop via USB, and later transfer to the new phone with USB.

    But I cannot find some of the files at all through windows explorer. It seems to be mostly the oddballs that I got either by a friend previously sharing them with me, or free downloads from certain artists. It would be easier to just buy the songs from Amazon, except some of them are obscure and not available there.

    So for example, one song has a file location of /storage/emulated/0/beam/beam-2013-02-17/filename

    I can't find that set of folders at all in my device folder. How can I find this file so I can transfer it?
    05-23-2015 05:13 PM

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