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    I have a rooted G870A, and I need to disable the Automatic Software Updates from AT&T. I had Lollipop for about three (3) weeks, had it was just one crash after another, even after all the cache and partition clearing. Plus, they took away several of the features I loved on KitKat - like the instant volume controls on the power off/restart screen.

    Please help! Like I said, I've already rooted this S5 using Towelroot, and have SuperSU installed and running. I don't, necessarily, want to install an entire new OS, but if that's what it takes....
    05-26-2015 02:41 PM
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    So you're on 4.4.2 now. Chances are that you'll still get update notices, but the update will fail (which it should - a rooted phone shouldn't be updated - the update could brick the phone). If you want to disable even the notices, run Link2SD and freeze the updater app (I've already removed mine, because I'd have to reflash the phone with the stock ROM to get an update, and the phone kept working with the app frozen, so I don't remember whether it was called AT&T Update, Samsung Update or just Update, but there's only one update app). That way you won't keep getting notices that there's an update available.
    05-27-2015 11:19 PM

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