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    First post here. Forgive the relative ignorance of Android's capabilities - new to that world. Here is the problem description.

    Objective - use an Android smartphone or tablet as a dedicated alerting device which flashes up a custom notification on the screen when I receive what I consider to be a high priority email, and leaves the notification on the screen until I have tapped it (or clicked it with a mouse connected to the phone).

    The notification will ideally display either the email subject line, or the email body, or both. I need the ability to set up different filters for what I consider to be high priority emails, as this may change over time.

    This must work even if the phone has gone to sleep (light or deep). So if an email comes in, it must (rpt must) wake up the phone.

    The phone will need to be connected to a wired router (presumably via USB OTG to ethernet adapter).

    The notifications must also always work even if I am using another app on the phone - i.e. they must cut through.

    The phone must also, as well as receiving alerts from the email service provider over the internet and then ethernet from the router, be able to be connected to a larger display, either a VGA monitor, or a TV via HDMI. The monitor or TV will need to be set up to come out of sleep itself.

    I have a few questions for those in the know. I have separated these into hardware and software categories.

    Which phones and tablets (7" to 10") have a separate power connection (i.e. not the USB port), support USB OTG/Ethernet, have a separate video output, run a modern version of Android, and if a tablet ideally have a white bezel ?

    Which email and notification apps would do the job ? I have been looking at Aqua Mail and Tasker and wonder whether anyone with these knows whether this can do the job described above.

    Thanks in advance - hope some of you have the info !
    05-26-2015 04:48 PM

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