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    I recently upgraded from a S4 to a S6. I had a S Note file that I transferred as a file onto my S6 but because there is no S Note app, I can no longer access the file, how can I open the file? I need to be able to access the .SNB file and cannot find an app or program that will allow me to open the file. There is no option to save as and save it as a new file type, even when I try to save it from an e-mail file and open it from my computer, it will still not allow me to open the file.
    06-22-2015 05:40 PM
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    There is a few different versions of z4root. If he has the .40 OS version, he should use the beeson of Z4root that works.
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    Have you looked in the Galaxy app store to see if you can install S Note?
    06-22-2015 07:35 PM

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