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    I am curious, how can I install, (for example) Lollipop, a barebones OS. I am not referring to the crap-filled Factory install. I mean the absolute minimum that a cellphone (such as my Nexus 4) needs to run the hardware and install new software. So I can use menus and swipe features, onscreen keyboard, add-remove software (etc etc), and wifi, GSP, security, camera, etc... but not one single extra program. As in *zero* bloatware of *any* kind?

    I would say that this would be akin to loading the Windows OS onto a computer and de-selecting *everything*. As raw as it can get, while still being operational.

    There must be a tech-surface that cellphones can run on. An OS is always tested without anything else to make sure it works with hardware (at least, that's the ideal way it is made). I'd like to build a clean-slate phone, no extra trash. Not necssarily a custom ROM or OS. I just want an OS without the garbage.

    Is this even possible?
    06-29-2015 05:27 PM
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    The OS in Android phones is Linux. Unfortunately, I don't know of any raw Linux ROM available. And to run Android apps, you'd need the Dalvik runtime as well. And an installer app, to install apk files.

    So either you start from Android source and build your own, or start with the Stock N4 ROM, root, and uninstall things until something breaks. Then reflash the ROM, uninstall up to that step, leave the app that broke things in, and start uninstalling again. Eventually (it could take a few weeks), you'll have a list of the apps that can be removed without breaking anything.
    06-29-2015 05:52 PM

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