Question Struggling to unlock Bootloader on a Teclast P25T Tablet


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Sep 12, 2023
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Hi everybody,

I have a Teclast P25T tablet that I got off of Amazon almost a year ago. There is third party software baked into the OS, and I want to wipe it out, or make a custom Android OS that still supports the hardware, but without the software from Teclast. So I have been trying to unlock the bootloader, to hopefully remove the strange software on it. I've tried multiple apps for it, including TWRP, but none of them are able to do it. Then I moved on to using ADB and fastboot. Using the command 'adb devices' starts the daemon, then lists the device. However, after using the command 'adb reboot bootloader' the device boots into the bootloader (which looks like the splash screen for the device, but then adb can no longer detect it. I used the fastboot commands to attempt to unlock it. Using any fastboot command returns an error saying it doesn't recognize the command.
To cover my bases, here's what I've done so far.
-I've downloaded and installed all of the drivers for the device directly from the manufacturer (Gives me Error Code: 10 in Device Manager)
-I've used the adb platform-tools folder to start both cmd and powershell
-Contacted the manufacturer directly ( I was referred to a video of theirs showing how to flash the tablet with their firmware)
-Booted the device in both bootloader and fastbootd (fastbootd is the only thing on there) and adb still can't see it
-Run a VM of Linux Mint to attempt again
-Run many different kinds of apps to unlock it

Nothing has worked, and other forum sites have come up empty as well.

A little context, this is for my job, in an attempt to make these tablets time clocks for our stores. This is also why I don't want to have the pre-installed software on them at all. Unfortunately though, my company will not spend enough to get better tablets (the reason being over 20 stores will make the cost skyrocket).

If anyone has any suggestions on what I can do, or if I missed adding important information, please let me know. I will be happy to try any suggestions to unlock the bootloader, and give any additional information to help with this.

Thank you again for having me on this platform!
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