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    When using WI-FI if I try to open Facebook or a link in Twitter I get a message " can't connect to proxy server" is there a way to correct this. I have an LG G3. This only happens when WI-FI is enabled.
    07-08-2015 11:56 AM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    i did a nandroid restore to start back at 1... i want bare 1.5c, with gumbo add ons, with only sprint nav,and teeter. i need my gmail to not forceclose, and do i need certain drivers on the computer im using, for the pre-kitchen 2.0 to work? everything is perfect... almost!! thanks
    I was having the same issue with my G3, and found threads with similar issues suggesting to adjust the WiFi advanced settings to not use a proxy for that network. Nothing I found fixed the problem except for a factory reset.

    This was occurring the past few days, btw. Reset last night and all is better. I don't know the exact cause, but consider a reset. Try backing up your data first.
    07-08-2015 01:05 PM

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