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    Hello, I've got a new Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini a few days ago, and while it's a really nice phone, the way it drains battery seems just wrong to me...

    is it okay for it to drain 30% of the battery over night (about 7h?), with no apps running, wifi off, data on, obv the screen off AND in power saving mode (also no auto-updating for apps allowed)?

    and then, over about 1 and a half hour in the same conditions 10% more?

    in general it uses 1% in about 15min, and with wifi on even more in less time.

    been charged last night (in the evening) and now almost midday it's on 23%... not so heavy usage, and no usage during the night.

    not sure if im crazy and too used to my old brick phone or this phone just sucks battery-wise...
    07-13-2015 04:13 AM
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    Welcome to AC.

    As a first step towards diagnosis, use the phone normally for a day, then post a screenshot of your battery usage stats right here.

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    07-13-2015 05:49 AM

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