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    Well first of all hi to all, and thanks for taking the time of reviewing this,
    I cant seem to find an answer anywhere so literally any information on the subject would be apreciated.

    I own a ntt docomo fujitsu arrow s, The phone has been working flawlessly for so long
    so much that i just never consider even doing a backup, now im literally facing hell

    Well ill try to explain my problem also keep in mind im not really good with android, but i fix pcs so i get some stuff.

    Okay ill start, one day my phone was working as ussualy and i went to the gallery as always and i had the external storage not available message,
    so then i went to storage and it reflected that my internal storage was 0.0g.

    So the thing is, apparently my data is still there, my apps are there, my wallpaper didnt switched, just like my ringtones, also if i go to
    clean master and in settings-apps my apps and the storage i had before the incident was exact, as in i had 18g of used memory and it still reflects me that,
    but certain apps like file explorer dont show anything , i literally dont have anything in my storage, idk what to think of this.

    Also ill post some extra information because if anyone have any info i guess you will need more info from my side.

    If i connect the phone to usb storage , it reflects me my internal storage is at 0.0g and nothing is inside.

    Ive never rooted and never even tried.

    I didnt install anything lately that may cause a hardware change.

    The phone didnt fall, didnt got wet.

    i think the sd card was in the internal storage, as an emulation, i thik idk much about that. (but i never used one, just the internal storage)

    If i try to mount an sd it just doesnt happens the only thing i can do sd wise is erase all data in the sd

    So basically now idk what to do, i wish i could keep my stuff, idk its still there, i guess the term for this is my storage unmounted, so using adb to mount it back would work?
    idk i also did the putting it in tmp and disconecting it and nothing im literally going insane and have slept like 2 hours per day, so thanks for taking your time to atleast review my problem

    also sorry for the bad formatting, english isnt my native language.
    07-16-2015 06:13 AM

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