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    Right now I'm looking at a 2TB external drive. My main concern is power. I am going to reformat the drive to FAT32, so no worries with NTFS.

    I am considering the Moto G, but I'm open to suggestions on which device would work best with this. I have three conditions for choosing a device.

    1) It must be cheap, with no monthly charge through a service provider. I do not need Internet or calling or texting at all.
    2) It must have a touch screen
    3) It must last a very long time.

    I'm only looking to use this to play music in the car, so it shouldn't be taking much punishment.

    07-23-2015 02:20 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Loads of phones - it has to be your choice for size, weight, features (I can't stand LG's buttons on the back), etc.

    2. All Android phones do.

    3. How good is your luck. How long a phone lasts, assuming you take the same care with all of them,is random. A part can fail the day after the warranty expires on any phone, an update can blow hardware - there's no way to predict it.

    Just about any current phone supports OTG, and will work with an externally powered drive. (The phone can't supply enough current to run the drive, and a 3-port OTG adapter [one port to supply power to the drive] may not be able to handle enough.)

    Oh, and you can't charge the phone while you're using OTG - the charging pins become outputs, not inputs. So take that into consideration.

    (BTW, a couple of 128GB microSD cards will hold a LOT of music, and they're internal to the phone once you put one in.)
    07-23-2015 03:33 PM

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