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    Hi. I've been downloading music from soundike.com for years. First on my laptop, and for the past couple of years on my Galaxy S4 phone. On my laptop it downloaded right into my music folder in my library. To be honest I've never looked where it downloaded to on my phone. I just open the music app that came with (circle w/blue perimeter, white background and a green note symbol in the center) and all my downloaded mp3s are there. So I went to my archived music on soundike (I pay .15/track w/unlimited downloads) to download to my new Galaxy Tab4 10.1. I figured it would be the same process as downloading to my phone. So I start w/the downloads to my tablet and it's the same as usual...I click the mp3, see the message 'starting download' and that's that. So I open my player and there's nothing there. I've looked everywhere I can think to look. BTW I downloaded the music to my tablet because I could not get it to syn w\my phone. My doc's and photos did right away, but not any music. So could somebody please give me some advice and help me find my music? Thanks :-)
    07-31-2015 11:59 AM

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