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    I have a related problem with whatsapp. I have the galaxy s6. I keep contact information for myself. I keep a record of my phone number and address there because I move a lot and won't remember otherwise. Well, Whatsapp includes a line I can tap to make a what's app call. Below that I can "view more." If I click that, OMG. Surprise, surprise, this what's app line repeats an infinite number of times. I discovered this when I was troubleshooting the fact that I couldn't edit this contact--my own contact information. The phone freezes and a pop up asks whether I want to close or wait. I suspect that my trouble will solved when I get Whatsapp off my phone. But this is sad, I kind of enjoyed the application until now and I'll have to move my friends over to another chat app.
    08-04-2015 02:15 PM

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