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    About two days ago a gray popup flashed onto my screen, saying "Unfortunately, the process android.somethinorother has stopped." I didnt think much of it, since every time I turn my phone on it says "The service VRZWireless has stopped" and my phone has always been fine. So i continued, not seeing a problem. Then 30 minutes later every single app that I own came up with its own gray popup as fast as you can imagine, and my phone just restarted. But once it restarted, it stopped on the red verizon wireless screen and it was left like that for two hours and was not going anywhere, so i took my battery out and put it back in, boom, problem seems solved right? No, this time I was only on for 30 minutes when everything came crashing down. The max time I can use my phone now is about two hours before everything stops. I havent downloaded anything in weeks and even then it was just a song? I dont know whats causing this but its driving me nuts.
    08-06-2015 10:03 PM

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