1. AC Question's Avatar
    Some months back I disabled chrome and used chrome beta. Their bookmarks were synced at the time. Now I enabled and updated chrome but couldn't figure out how to get my added beta's bookmarks synced to chrome. So I deleted Chrome's data which removed all its bookmarks and thought I could then sync it with beta's bookmarks. Still can't do it. Phone's not rooted so I can't access chrome beta's bookmark folder. Any ideas? Thanks.
    08-09-2015 01:45 PM
  2. Ian Morgan2's Avatar
    Chrome Beta or Dev for Android are meant to run alongside your Stable Chrome browser.....disabling it is unlikely to help. You should allow Chrome to run, even tho' you may use the Beta more often.
    Whether you add bookmarks to Chrome or Beta or Dev....Your Mobile bookmarks should be available from either...tho' it may take a little time for them to sometimes sync.
    08-09-2015 02:54 PM

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