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    My S4 works fine with all features except making or receiving calls or texts. This happens every few days and there is no warning other than to find that I've missed another call.
    The error message is: "Mobile network not available". A reboot temp fixes it.

    Verizon updated the chip in it but it didn't help at all.
    I think this started when the Lollypop download happened.

    Yesterday someone told me how to delete a cache folder using a three button bootup. I did this but so far I don't know if that has helped.

    I'm asking myself why I use a telephone that doesn't do calls.
    My phone says: Model SCH I545, Android 5.0.1.

    Can I fix it or replace with a different brand of phone?

    Thank you.
    08-12-2015 05:35 PM

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