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    Hi everyone. I beg you for some help... I have "Asus Memo Tab 7" and I got a lot of apps. I had 1,2 GB of memory and I was trying to download "Mortal Kombat X". For this game you need 1,2 GB and I let it finish. I was waiting for the installing part but then i got a message that I've got no memory so it stops. In the PlayStore on Mortal Kombat was staying install like I never star download the game but there was still the message that I still don't have memory. The installation didn't finish, so I dont know why i didn't get my memory back... Please I beg you help me if you know what I need to do... Sorry about bad english and bad explaining I'm from Serbia soI don't know english very good...

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    08-13-2015 07:38 PM

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