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    At present I doubt I would update from my Galaxy Note 3 Verizon to another newer version.

    When purchased in February 2014, it wasn’t too bad, but since the upgrade to the latest software, the phone has gotten progressively worse.

    Negatives about the phone / software:

    1. When on the Internet, just checking on one URL item, when you back out with the back key, sometimes it will back out of pages you weren’t even in, it can take 5, 6 or more touches of the back key.

    2. After the upgraded software the battery discharges very rapidly, because of all the Apps the new upgrade installed are running in the back ground.

    3. When you try to stop an App that is running, many of the apps will not stop running. Many of the apps give a message that if you stop the app the phone may not operate.

    4. With the original software you could just give a voice command for the GPS to the street you wanted, that went away with the new upgraded software.

    5. You can reduce the touch sensitivity, but still when you touch on something you want sometimes you need to touch it 3 times, yet when scrolling the Internet you jump into screens you don’t want very easily.

    6. The check in on facebook was fine with the original software, now that has changed where it is difficult. The location has lost accuracy, I am in Connecticut, and the location thinks I am at Madison Square Garden in NY. When you upload a picture with old software it was easy to post, now I don’t get the post option.
    08-14-2015 03:45 PM

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