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    Basically I discovered the awesomeness of premium Spotify, problem is that within a few days I went from having a ton of apps with a ton of memory to just a few apps and having a ton of space taken up by songs from Spotify. and yes I've already deleted a ton of songs wether I wanted to or not.

    So my question is, what can I do to add more space so I'll be able to listen to music while I'm at work which I'm constantly on my feet moving around. I saw that OFFGRID and it seemed pretty legit but it seems like the biggest loss would be losing my wireless charging capabilities. Since I would mainly have just music and podcasts on the SDcard to use it at work, I was wondering if there was something else out there or something that I can do. I know this will probably make zero sense so please forgive my lack of tech knowledge, but is there somehow something like a small wireless external storage that would fit in my pocket? If you understand what I'm asking, do you have any ideas?

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    09-01-2015 04:50 AM

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