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    I recently went on a cruise and I checked before leaving that international data roaming was disabled (clear white box). My S6 active was 2 months old and I had never changed the setting. In Bermuda, I took the phone off airplane mode to make a call. Roaming was still disabled. I put the phone away and a few hours later noticed I had received texts about high data usage. Again I checked the Roaming setting and it was off. I tried to enable it and got the warning "Attention: Allow Data Roaming? etc." which I canceled. So, my question is, did the phone not respect the setting, or did somehow I get my data over the Standard mobile data network, but AT&T considered it international roaming. Perhaps via the cruise ships cellular network? Maybe that network didn't present itself to the phone as International Roaming? Has anyone else encountered this? I travel a lot and could always count on my previous phone to respect the Roaming setting. It's making me nervous.
    09-02-2015 10:13 AM

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