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    I was getting messages saying I was running out of memory on my way Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 16gb. After hunting around, I found a thread on here about 'dumpstate/ logcat delete'. I had (thought) moved all my photo/video folders from my gallery to the 32gb sim. I already had every app I could moved to the sim also.
    I checked as many threads as i could about 'side-effects' of doing a 'dumpstate/ logcat delete' and found nothing mentioning loss of any photos ect..
    So I did 'dumpstate/ logcat delete'.
    When done I checked everything was working.....all was good until I get got to the gallery and found most of my photo/videos missing.
    I have gone to settings and clicked 'show All Content' but still can't see or find them. So many were work related as well as personal. Is there anything I can do ro retrieve them?
    Unfortunately i have no access to a computer or laptop at the moment..... Feeling desperate. 😯
    09-02-2015 11:36 AM

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