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    I have gt-i9000 device. I cannot open any app that is installed in my device. it gives me error when i open any app.. errors (
    when i open whatsapp i get error:
    Whatsapp process com.whatsapp.. and close automatically after pop up error.
    when i open play store error:
    google process com.google.vending
    and many more errors
    com.process.google.gapps something like this... ).
    I can not sync account neither remove gmail account.
    I factory reset my phone didn't happen nothing. I factory reset my phone from recovery... nothing happen app wasn't installed...
    I flash with odin my phone nothing happens... i tried to do custom recovery and install cyanogenmod but nothing... i did a lot of things but i couldn't reset my phone...
    Now i can open only browser...
    is there any another way to set my phone ?
    09-05-2015 02:20 AM

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