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    I inserted an sd card into my galaxy s5 and them plugged it into my laptop to transfer over all my photos to the sd card as well as my hard drive. I have now noticed that none of my videos transferred over to either the sd card or the hard drive. New I can't even find the video files on my phone. I think when I originally plugged in my device, I plugged it in as 'camera onky' so it only picked up the photos and not the videos, but it doesn't explain where all my videos have gone! I have now had a look in all my DCIM files and still can't find my videos. Can someone help this technophobe please? !
    09-13-2015 03:39 AM
  2. miner_films's Avatar
    When moving the files, did you:

    A) Selected Cut and then clicked paste

    B) Selected Copy and then clicked paste

    C) Just highlighted the files and dragged them across

    D) None of the above (in other words you used a different method to the ones already mentioned)

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    09-13-2015 04:56 AM

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