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    I bought Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and restored my data from backup of old Galaxy S5 using SmartSwitch application. Everything is working fine, until just recently, I have this problem of contact list constantly wiped out by itself after regular use of calling clients and all that. The bug is fairly random and not always reproduce-able, but if there is any pattern I could notice it tends to get the error after making calls. I've searched and searched numerous forums and articles and many more in Google results in numerous forums and I find the answers and solution couldn't cease the bug to occur.

    The symptoms are:
    - Entire contact list is gone. All empty.
    - "Updating contact" spinning around forever.
    - When I try to add contact, error message "Contacts has stopped working"
    - Google Sync "experiencing problem, will be back shortly"

    The few solutions that I have tried but only as short term fixes or just for the sake of trying if it makes any difference:
    - Restarting the phone
    - Emptying contact cache, contact storage, dialer, etc. and re-syncing contacts using Google.
    - Removing Google account and re-adding
    - Unsync any other account contacts beside Google's
    - Unsyncing any contacts sync features including Google's
    - Turning off master sync on the dropdown menu
    - Making sure there is no call blocking apps or whatever that is mentioned in some threads
    - Taking it to Samsung Service Center (they did some re-flashing)
    - Installing the Contact Sync Fix and doing the wipe emoji from contacts thing.
    - Remove any call blocking application

    But it keeps coming back. Sync error, contacts disappearing, and I couldn't make proper calls. I am not entirely sure what went wrong but if there is anyone experiencing the same problem I would be more than happy to hear if there is any solution to this. So far the only thing I haven't tried is factory reset. But since I am in constant need to have an available working phone, I couldn't afford to spend too much time getting things up and ready again just to end up with the same error. This is so frustrating as there is no conclusive answer to why phone could behave in such a way. I noticed though it happens only to Samsung phones like Galaxy S3 or S4. But using Galaxy S5 before I never had this kind of irritating bug before.

    09-15-2015 12:17 AM
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    I'm seeing exactly the same problem on my S6 - I've had the S6 for 3 months and this just started a few days ago....It's driving me nuts! Everything was working fine up until some point in the last week. The contacts will eventually sync, then disappear again - it's happening a couple times a day.

    As the original poster indicated, I've cleared cache, cleared data on apps, rebooted, etc. with no resolution.
    09-16-2015 11:21 AM
  3. ponkmlacoste's Avatar
    Hi, got exactly the same problem since the OS update (around sept 20th), lost some contacts, not all... Now all my text conversations show a cell number instead of the contact name, contacts I've had for years are now lost or split in several different contacts... a real pain. Even after you relink a cell number to a "device contact" (which seems to be the only contacts the google messenger can handle), the link lasts for a few minutes and disappears again!!! Chatted with samsung but the best idea I got from this is to wipe the device clear and start from scratch... a few hours down the drain...
    09-30-2015 08:05 PM

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