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    I was watching Netflix when the video was crashing, so I thought it'd be sensible to just restart my phone (guess not). After that, it kept restarting 1 minute after another. It would just restart, load up everything, then restart itself again. This has been happening since 3pm and it's 9:30pm as of how. I've tried using it in safe mode, still restarts after 1 minute. I tried turning it on without my SD card, still restarts after 1 minute. I've tried deleting some of my apps within a minute, still restarts. I've tried rebooting, and it still restarts. I've tried taking the battery and SD card and let it sit out for a while before turning my phone back on, and it still restarts. I've tried TRYING to factory data reset, but when I press the 'Delete All' button, it wouldn't do anything. I think my phone is just preventing me from ever using it. My Note 4 have been great with minimal crashes, and it never restarts on its own until now. It was probably wrong of me to restart it after Netflix crashed, but I've done that before and there were no problems.

    I have AT&T btw, and I'm probably going in tomorrow to talk to them about it. The problem is is that I have lots scratches and some dents on my phone since I don't have a phone case....I'm just really scared I'm gunna have to pay to get a replacement since my phone isn't in that much of a good condition. :\

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? It's quite frustrating.
    09-19-2015 09:43 PM
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    Possibly a faulty power switch, or failing battery?

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    09-19-2015 11:04 PM

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