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    I needed to upload some pictures from my sons wedding to my pc ... about 60 of them. Altogether in my picture gallery I have approx. 750 photos. I used a USB cable to import. I started the import process from my pc (windows 7) and when the search was finally done, it showed I had 4444 images to upload!!!

    I understand that this search will pick up album and book cover art, app. art etc., but what really irked me were the multiple copies of old and/or deleted photos. Some of these photos were deleted months and years ago, and for some photos there were 5 or 6 copies! How do I get all this detritus off of my phone? I only have 2.4G free of 11.9G and I'm guessing it's all these recurring copies and (thumbnails perhaps?) of old deleted photos.

    Another thing that was irksome was the fact that the import process was 'all or nothing' ... no option to view and choose only what I needed to import. Or did I miss something??
    09-21-2015 06:06 PM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    Can you create a new folder on your phone or sd and move those 750 photos to separate them out... then download them to your PC.

    As for getting rid of all those photos, dupes, etc. You might need to go through them and save the ones you want, and delete the rest. Or... factory reset. Be sure to back up whatever data you want to keep first.
    09-21-2015 08:26 PM
  3. Mayawaves's Avatar
    I eventually separated out the photos of the wedding that I wanted .... after uploading ALL of them to my pc, and deleted the rest. However, I would love to delete all the extras on my phone ... if I could find them! I have no idea where they are stored! They are not visible in gallery ....
    Anyone know where I have to go to delete it all?
    09-23-2015 07:07 PM

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