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    Hey guys,

    I am currently rocking a 2013 Moto X on VZ's Unlimited Data plan (700m/500txt; grandfathered).

    I do love this phone a lot, but I have two major gripes with it: the camera sucks and the battery is abysmal when you need it to last.

    I am thinking about switching to TMobile because the rates are cheaper and I do plan on doing more traveling over the next few years. Not exactly sure where yet, but I want to have flexibility.

    In terms of phones, I haven't seen any (android) phones that have great camera and great battery life. S6 sounds appealing, but the camera honestly hasn't impressed me from what I've seen online. I do LOVE the iPhone's camera; however, I am invested into the Android app ecosystem.

    Main reasons why I want a good camera and battery are because I find myself wanting to take photos but opting out because I know they will suck. Also, as it stands, if I go out for a long night out, my phone will not make it. I have to turn it off!

    What are your thoughts and opinions?
    09-24-2015 02:07 PM

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