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    Hi back in May of this year I got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7 inch through Sprint (Stop Laughing) lol
    So the sales guy said yes it will upgrade when I get home, I also got the LG G3 at the same time because the Tab came free except for the data plan. Any way the LG G3 upgraded right away, but I am still not getting the Tab to do it, so I searched, I downloaded Kies 3 and from what I read all over the web this will do it, well it says I already have the latest firmware..

    When I got to tools/firmware upgrade I get these two lines.

    Current Version : PDA:NL1 / CSC:NL1 / Phone:NL1 (SPR)

    Initialized Version : PDA:NL1 / CSC:NL1 / Phone:NL1 (SPR)

    Underneath is the Now initializing the latest version, but if I am reading with my glasses cleaned both lines are Identical..

    In the Tab The Model number is SM T237P and it is Android version 4.4.2..

    So am I not able to get the update to 5.0 or above?
    09-28-2015 10:01 PM
  2. DannyBoy63's Avatar
    Well now, that fast I may have done it, I taped on the System Update, Update now in the Tablet itself, not Kies.. And it has begun downloading a 901.63MB file..

    Now I have at least twice a week including today taped this option with no update found... I have closed the kies3 software on my laptop but left the Tab plugged in..

    Can someone explain why it is now finally updating? Or is it? I guess I better back up my pics and all before I click install after the download completes... But I wanted to leave this and get an answer in case I am wrong or I am right and someone else is having an issue like mine and not sure what to do.

    09-28-2015 10:13 PM

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