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    I'm trying to set up things such that if I install an app on my Nexus 6 (rooted) phone, at some point it will automatically also be installed on my (rooted) Android tablet. I am thinking of using Auto DriveSync, which I am already using for other syncing purposes, and telling it to sync the apps, but I am not sure what folders the apps are in. I am on Lollipop, and from what I've read, I think the apps are in system/app and data/app; is this correct? And, if I just copy the contents of those folders onto the tablet, will that completely install the app on the tablet?*

    I had read about AppSync in some other thread and it sounded like that would do what I wanted, but I've tried it out and it seems to only sync app data; it won't automatically install an app on my tablet when I install one on my phone. Anyone know if the method I described above will work, if those would be the correct folders to sync, and/or does anyone have another method?

    10-16-2015 01:55 PM

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