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    I recently purchased a new (god I hate this word) phablet (Cube T7 running Android 4.4.4) and in trying to use multiple external keyboards, I'm finding none of them work properly regardless of whether they are attached with a micro usb or paired with bluetooth. This includes a keyboard that has worked perfectly with a previous tablet. I have made sure the layout of the keyboard has be selected as English (US), though honestly I've tried every single English keyboard layout listed and none of them are working correctly. The device connects, but certain keys (s,d,w,e and many more) don't type at all, and the backspace key types z for some reason. Does anyone have experience with this? Is there some compatibility issue with the device or with the OS that I don't know about? In attempting to debug the key mapping, I did find that the keys that aren't responding show no scancode whatsoever. Is this something that can be fixed? I'd appreciate any help I can get as I specifically purchased a (sigh) phablet in order to be more writer-on-the-go friendly, and frankly, having a problem that should be so easy to fix but is becoming so seemingly insurmountable is making me crazy.

    Help! -Thx
    10-16-2015 04:17 PM

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