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    I have an android box, one of those MXQ s805 clones with the four usb ports, they are all type A plugs and one is supposed to be USBOTG.
    I wanted to use ADB on it but the pc (nor linux nor windows) simply cant see it, if i "lsusb" in linux it doesnt show up in the list.
    What i was wondering was: the USBOTG is supposed to switch from host to slave depending on the state of the 5th sensing pin, this plug its a typeA, usual 4 pins.. is it possible that the device not showing up at all is because it would stay in host mode?
    On the board i dont even have a 5th track to use.

    ( I have read that some people shorted a couple pins of the ?eeprom? chip (i think its the eeprom, not sure) to have the usb connection with amlogic burning tool... but i dont really go that way because im not sure if that would be the same for ADB, the variety of boards and chips in these clones leaves doubts about which are the correct pins and i dont want to open the thing every time i connect)
    10-17-2015 10:22 AM

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