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    All of this crap has been happening recently:

    Whenever I try to listen to music, most of the time all of my audio will slowly mute or mute suddenly, and a Siri type voice will say "Say call, followed by a name or a number." With the beepboop sound. It causes my earbuds to go staticky and activates even if I don't say anything. I can't listen to music. If I try to hook my earbuds in and put my Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini in my pocket and walk around, it does it ever 30 seconds or so, at the drop of a feather it seems. Yes, I do use the "cheepo" earbuds from Dollar General, but I have been using the same cheap brand for about a year, so I don't think it's the earbuds. I have pressed every disable button I can think of, it still does it! I am getting super fed up with it!

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    10-21-2015 05:51 PM
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    You've used the same buds with this device and this started recently? Not all devices are the same. Most are compatible with most accessories but not all. In this case cheap may be killing you. In all of this you've never said that you've tried any other buds, a friend's perhaps or your mates. And if you're using regular buds in your smart smartphone it may not like that either. Buds used for smartphones usually have a mic. That calls for an extra step in the Jack. So regular buds have 3 segment Jacks and phone buds have 4 segment jacks. It could be that your Jack is undersized and occasionally makes contact with part of the port that sees it as an input. Like pressing the button or keying a mic. Or it could be segmented slightly off, blah blah blah. Try different buds. Easy way to test this would be to twist and rock the Jack in the port, especially since from your description it's noticeable when you're moving. You may get lucky and it's just something in the port. Blow it out with some compressed air.

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    10-21-2015 07:05 PM

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