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    So, my s4 is about 2 years old. This morning, it was working just fine. I was able to connect to the internet, text people, and use all of my apps. After being at work for about an hour, I attempted to text someone and found that my phone wasn't sending my message. Since the office I work in is in the basement of our building, this isn't totally uncommon, but I usually get the 'sending failed' message pretty quickly. This message stayed on 'sending' for more than forty minutes before it failed. I also couldn't connect to the internet, but none of my coworkers were having any problems on their phones. Since then, my phone has become laggy, and I can't send or receive text messages. Some of my messages have gone through, sporadically, throughout the day, and I have received a few texts as well, though I get them several hours late and I also get multiple copies of them. I can receive calls, and the internet connection seems to be working-- I can go on Facebook and browse the web. Some of my apps don't work properly anymore, such as Snapchat and my clock (alarms that I set are no longer working). I noticed before my phone started to bug out that it was attempting to update some of my apps. I tried to go on to the Google Play store, but I can't access it at all anymore. All of the other Google apps on my phone are working except this one. I've tried clearing the cache and data, and forcing stop, but I can't get on. I have reset my phone a few times, and taken the battery out a few times. I tried to do a factory reset earlier from the settings menu, but after about two hours, my phone was still on, with the 'shutting down' message up, and I needed my phone to make some calls so I took out the battery and stopped whatever was going on. The battery is also draining incredibly fast even when I'm not using my phone, and the area around the sim card is becoming extremely hot.

    Thanks for any insights you can give me, I'm feeling pretty frustrated right now.
    10-24-2015 01:20 AM
  2. Tiffany smith9's Avatar
    I'm experiencing the same problem. Since yesterday morning. Not receiving text, time wont update while I'm using it. Battery draining. I hope we find out what's going on. I also have galaxy s4 btw
    10-24-2015 08:53 AM

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