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    I own Nexus5 and recently I got Nexus6
    My carrier is Wind mobile in the GTA Area - Ontario. A few weeks back I upgraded the sim -old one was a 2 years old micro sim- to a nano sim from the wind mobile store.
    My nexus5 started to display at the bottom of the screen an empty toast message -a grey semitransparent bubble with no text in it. It comes on for a few seconds right after the phone is turned on and it loads the os and acquires signal from wind... then disappears for 2 sec ... comes back again ... and then it may be gone for 5 min ... some other times for 10 sec and comes back again. Running 5.1.1. with all the updates.
    In the mean time I got a brand new Nexus 6 ... which shows the exact same problem. It is annoying as ...
    In the meantime the nexus 5 got the update to android 6.0 ... still has the same empty toast message.

    I tried a kodoo sim in the nexus 5 ... problem gone.
    I tried a rogers and a bell nano sim in the nexus 6 ... problem gone.

    I went back to wind store ... got a brand new sim ... same issue...

    I went back and forth with motorola and
    - went safe mode... still does it
    - cleared cash partition ... still there ...
    - factory reset from the recovery menu... and after the phone has finished, restarted and finished loading the os ... the first screen ... language ... if I wait there for a few seconds I can see the icon of the wind coming on and there is the bubble at the bottom of the screen.
    Motorola said to either send the phone back so a technician can take a closer look ... but if they test it with rogers sim lets say, there is no issue.

    I contacted wind customer support... they seemed at the beginning to wan to help me... told me to do ... a restore of the phone ... things I have all ready done. They were suppose to call me and almost a day later nothing.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    10-27-2015 10:41 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Have you tried playing around with the Preferred Network Type setting (in the Mobile Networks menu)? Maybe change it to LTE only, rather than 2G/3G/4G?
    10-27-2015 11:41 AM
  3. adrianapoc's Avatar
    Hi .... no stone unturned ...
    Tried everything possible under the sim / connection menus for network.
    3G... 4G LTE ... even though wind mobile does not have 4G ... even turn off the cellular data .. no bluetooth no wifi...
    still the same ...
    10-27-2015 02:12 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Since Wind doesn't have LTE, then I assume you also changed the preferred network type to be only 2G/3G, correct? I'm guessing that was part of leaving no stone unturned, but just want to be sure.
    10-27-2015 03:01 PM
  5. adrianapoc's Avatar
    that is correct ...
    I went today to the wind store... and asked them to try in both my nexus 5 and nexus 6 another wind sim card ... one that is not registered to my account ...
    the guy gave me a nano-sim ... voice only - it worked perfectly ... no more empty toast...
    I am trying to make wind customer service understand ... that there is some kind of issue with my account ? I dont even know ... just frustrated...
    Tonight I am going to try another wind sim with data plan from a friend and see how that works ... but unfortunately ... it will be an older micro-sim... the same type that used to work on my nexus 5 before swapping to the newer sim... I am just trying to take everything into consideration...

    ever heard of the sim type affecting the android os in this manner ?

    PS ... today I got a third SIM ... still the same effect...
    10-27-2015 03:22 PM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    The SIM that was tested in the store was for a voice-only plan? Maybe that empty toast is related to data, in which case the test SIM wouldn't have shown the problem. Go back to the store and see if they can test out a SIM with a data plan.
    10-27-2015 05:11 PM
  7. adrianapoc's Avatar
    I will try and do that today ... but... when trying different settings in my network... I disabled data and left it on 3g only ... and still does it.
    10-29-2015 10:20 AM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I disabled data and left it on 3g only
    Sorry, what do you mean by this? 3G is mobile data. Do you mean you just left it on voice signal?
    10-29-2015 12:22 PM
  9. adrianapoc's Avatar
    On my Nexus I have ... Preferred LTE - wind mobile does not support it ..
    3G and 2G ... If I select 2G ... it goes on WindAway - Rogers network.
    I left it 3G and disabled Mobile Data ... no wifi no bluetooth.

    I went to another store ... and guess what ... they do not have a SIM with data ... I tested another nano sim with voice only ... and worked flawlessly.
    I am going to call wind customer support again ... so frustrating...

    Thanks for all your replies.
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    10-30-2015 12:42 PM
  10. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Just to be sure--if you have it set to 3G only, and turn on mobile data, the empty toast still appears?

    Try an app like SIM Card Manager. See if there's anything unusual about the card that it detects. If there are contacts or SMS messages on there that are not yours (or old and not needed any more), try deleting them.
    10-30-2015 01:39 PM

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