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    I've had a Galaxy Note Edge (based on the Note 4 form factor) for about a year now, working great. Until a couple days ago, when it started only charging if the power is off. Same result with multiple power adapters, multiple cables, and multiple charging sources (work, home, computer...).

    When I plug a cable in and the phone is powered on, the lighting bolt does not appear to indicate a power source is connected. When I power the phone down and charge it, it "pulses" about every 30 seconds - the vibrate function on the phone buzzes briefly.

    The phone does ultimately charge in a decent amount of time, but of course this is neither ideal nor is it functioning as designed.

    As I mentioned previously, I have tried several cables and power adapters, and I have already taken a toothpick to clean out the port on the phone and bend the contact tabs out. No recent software or firmware updates to the phone.
    10-31-2015 12:12 PM
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    First let me say be careful poking around in the port. They can be finicky and surprisingly easy to damage. Sorry, just a word of caution. If you think the port could be damaged taking it into a repair center, usually even without insurance, the techs will tell you if it's OK. Second let me ask this, most of the devices these days when plugged in with the device off will briefly display the battery symbol, then show it charging, and display the battery level. You didn't mention any of those things instead mentioning a vibration and so on. Are you seeing this when you plug in? If you're not, let me ask you this, how do you know the device isn't charging while it's on? I know you're not seeing the typical indicators but have ever left it on charge to see if, like when it's powered down, it still charges? Are you getting the charging LED in either state, device on or device off? If you're getting a full charge when the device is off does the LED change to green? Can you pull the battery in this device? You may have corrosion, not the big fluffy white stuff the little black cruddy stuff, built up on one of the terminals. Try remind this with a pencil eraser and rechecking things. Really tho I think a repair center is your best bet.

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    10-31-2015 12:40 PM
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    VidJunky, Thanks for the prompt response. I waited a bit before replying so I could speak directly to a couple of your questions. For starters, I've left the phone on and plugged in for the last couple hours. I haven't used it much, but have sent and received several text messages and even made a couple phone calls. The battery life is holding at precisely 66%. It literally has not moved up or down since I plugged it in. The red light IS on, indicating a power source is connected.

    I just now powered the phone down, and I do see the battery charging indicator - green battery at 66%, with "bubbles" moving up from the charging port toward the battery. I will update the percentage reading before I submit this post. The red light is on at this time as well (and it just moved up to 67%). So it clearly does charge when the phone is powered down, and it seems to basically HOLD its charge when the phone is powered on.

    I have already removed the battery and re-inserted it. Certainly no visible corrosion.

    Now, for the last couple minutes, I left the phone unplugged. Sent one text and briefly opened a couple apps - the battery dropped 3 percentage points.

    Collectively, I'm inclined to think the battery is failing. I suppose it could be a lot worse, as that is a simple component to replace. Would you concur with that assessment?

    Thanks again,

    10-31-2015 03:14 PM
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    It could certainly be the battery failing. From what you just described it seems that you're using as much power as it's taking in which could also speak to another issue. First things first tho let's talk about the battery. In the past was there ever times when you thought the device was really hot, maybe even abnormally hot? This may have been while charging or not. Does it seem to get hot currently while charging? Heat is the enemy to the cells of a battery. It can cause them to discharge quickly, die unexpectedly, and charge abnormally slowly. So if you're experiencing any of these other issues you could certainly be using a battery that may be failing.

    Now that you've given more info there are a few other things to consider. When powered off it gives you every indication that it's charging, but when powered on it only gives you the LED indicating that it's getting outside power and nothing else. A few things could be going on here. What's running in the background that is consuming so much power that the device won't show charging? That's the question, if it's not the battery failing. Or is there something preventing it from charging, something physical...? Loose or bad connection, damaged cable, damaged charger head. You indicated that you've try other sources and charging devices, things. That still leaves the port. Which I would still have checked before investing in a new battery. While new batteries can be had for cheap if your port is the issue cheap or not your result will be the same, however having said that there are a lot of battery combo packs out there with a battery and external charger. This effectively cuts the plug, cable, and port out of the picture and may work out very well for you. Sorry I'm working a tangent back on topic. Is something running that is keeping your device awake in the background potentially preventing charging? Look at your power screen under settings. Look at battery usage, there you can see what is consuming the most power. What's at the top of that list? Is it something you would expect or not? Are there several things consuming larger amounts of power? Now look at your battery history. When it indicated the screen is off are you seeing the processor running, may also say "awake", GPS on frequently or for long periods of time when you weren't using it?

    It doesn't feel like the battery to me but this is only my impression from the information you've provided. One last question tho, are you using any power saver apps or memory saver apps? These can sometimes have adverse effects on devices. If you are try disabling or uninstalling them and see if you can charge with the device on.

    Sorry if I'm long winded.

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    10-31-2015 03:57 PM
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    No idea why, but after all the plugging, unplugging, disassembling, and power button-pressing yesterday, the damned thing started working again. Powered on or off, it properly recognizes when a power source is connected, displays the lightning bolt, and charges in a timely manner. Even recognizes the Samsung Fast Charger.

    So thank you again for all your great questions and suggestions; I wish I could tag a response as a true "Solution," but to be honest, I'm not really sure what did it. Maybe the battery had gotten hot and after cooling down adequately it decided to cooperate? I really don't know, but thank you again.

    11-01-2015 04:15 PM

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