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    So.. I've been trying some ROM's.. (Kinda new in all this stuff)

    The thing is, I've installed a CM12 ROM for my device Xperia M DualSim "C2005", and I was thinking in installing Xposed, but it could lead to a brick and I wanna create a backup.. But I can't because when you install CM12 it installs CyanogenMod Recovery by default.. And yes, some will probably tell me to install CWM.. Tried that but it makes the ROM stop working!
    So, I wanted some help regarding that.. And another quick question.. I've installed a Dual SIM patch, but I currently have only 1 SIM.. But it appears 2 are working, for the same number.. Weird too, when I go to the settings, it doesn't even show the number.. Kinda buggy but everything works good, so if you could clear me the first question, I would be much appreciated!
    Thanks very much.
    11-03-2015 04:09 PM

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