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    Its a long list of issues hopefully connected to one underlying problem.

    Difficulties are so severe I had to walk to the library just to get online to find out whats going on, which is horrible especially when I'm only a week into my prepaid plan.

    First, when first turning on, sometimes it freezes up on the LG Load screen.

    Sometimes it gets past that, and freezes on the Tracfone blue screen.

    After usually removing the battery and restarting several times, sometimes I can reach the home page.

    Errors noticed as follows, immediately pops up "Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped working" several times.

    Any attempts to use Google Play to download apps results in the error message "Invalid Package File"

    Any attempts to use ANY search engine will crash the default browser or pop up "Unfortunately, Bluetooth has stopped working"

    Sometimes I'm flooded with numerous "Unfortunately, ______ has stopped working" messages.

    I've tried everything I can think of, None of my previously installed antivirus programs detect anything.

    And I've Restored to Factory settings several times with no difference in behavior.

    The phone has been previously rooted, but before the last time I restored to factory settings I revoked root permission hoping it would help but it hasn't.

    Sometimes the phone simply freezes up for no apparent reason.

    I'm basically out of ideas, and was hoping for any sort of assistance or advice.
    11-04-2015 03:05 PM

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